Business consulting

 Nowadays, a company cannot do its business without a computer system which is useful and contributes to better work environment. On the other hand, introducing and maintaining a system could be a heavy burden for companies without effective use. Application Space provides a total solution from proposal for more efficient business process to system operational management. We always keep in mind the fact that every client is unique.

System development

 Application Space pools specialists who have many experiences of developing wide range of systems including personal computers and mainframes. It allows us to develop right-sized and most optimized computer system tailored to the needs of each client.

Category of systems to be offered
Category of systems to be offered
Life insurance - policy management system & sales support system
Non-life insurance - sales support system
Logistics accounting system
Medical accounting system
Image data processing system


 Our competent IT consultants evaluate large variety of software packages based on our client's need because developing a system from scratch is very expensive. Then, we will localize/customize the selected one for its optimized use.